Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying is a type of psychological and emotional bullying that is done over the Internet using a phone or a computer, and can happen over sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc, or through texts or phone calls (A Guide to Cyber Bullying). On top of the many traumatising events that victims of ‘traditional bullying’ encounter, cyber bullying opens up a whole new can of fish.

One of the biggest concerns on behalf of the victim is that they can never escape from cyber bullying; “home is no longer a safe haven from bullying” (A Guide to Cyber Bullying). The bully now has access to their home life through computers and mobile phones. As well as this, the bully’s ego grows when they are sitting behind their computer screen. They feel tougher and more powerful and feel like they are invincible because of the anonymity they can have.

Another massive concern with cyber bullying is that the content of what is said is aired for a whole audience to see. Through the use of the Internet, the bully’s words can gain access to many more people than just the victim, which can be used to humiliate them even further (A Guide to Cyber Bullying).

Basically, from all of this, the message I’m trying to get across is that cyber bullying is an extension of conventional or traditional bullying and can hurt people just as much as it would if it were face to face. It needs to stop. And although there isn’t many ways of controlling the use of the Internet, parents and teachers in particular can definitely raise awareness of the emotional side effects it has on the child, the child’s family and all of the people around them.

The short clip below highlights the effects that cyber bullying can have on a child.


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