Social Constructivism

Social constructivism is about taking a persons past experiences to learn new things both individual and collaboratively. People’s experiences these days differ from those experiences 50 years ago. So therefore teaching should change, right? The use of the web to generate a students understanding (and participation) of a topic is valuable and very useful in a classroom (Enonbun, 2010). Things such as Wikis (Wikipedia), Blogs (Twitter), Podcasts (YouTube videos), Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter etc) and Virtual Worlds are all used to enhance teaching and help the students gain a better understanding of the topic.

All of the above medium can be used for different reasons and in different situations, both in the classroom and for home learning. Virtual Worlds can create a hypothetical scenario for the children to go through so they can experience it as if they’re there, Blogs and Social Media can be used to get other peoples opinions and thoughts, and Podcasts can be used to explain areas that aren’t clearly understood in a fun way. All of this stuff is pretty cool hey? Beats the teaching style of 50 years ago where “the instructor was the source of all knowledge” (Enonbun, 2010, p. 17).

Children these days need more hands on, engaging and interactive learning material than what was offered back in the day. The views of the teacher being the only source of knowledge has been, and should be, pushed aside, with room being made for collaborative and flexible learning to take place (Enonbun, 2010). In my opinion, and the opinion of  Enonbun (2010), this is the way of the future and the most effective way to get a usually boring message across to students in an exciting new way.

images images

These images show the contrast of what teaching and learning was like and what it has now evolved into over the years with the use of technology (Web 2.0) and innovative teachers.


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